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Gigi’s Life After Dental Implants

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“I feel very happy about my new smile. I feel very blessed.” -Gigi

“He treated Gigi with dignity and respect. They really do care about their patients.” -Gigi’s Mom

Dental Implants Helped Gigi Along Her Path to Success

Gigi discovered her passion for baking and wanted to start her own dog food business. It was important for her to have a beautiful smile when working with other people. Upon hearing that she would lose some of her teeth, her dentist referred her to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons for dental implants.

After Dr. Rehrer placed the final crowns on Gigi’s implants, she feels proud about everything she does. The doctors and staff treated Gigi with such kindness and respect during her treatment that it made for a truly positive experience. Now, Gigi feels very happy that she has a new and beautiful smile.

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