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Meet Christian

Video Review

Dr. Lieblick is warm; he's friendly.

Cristian is from Parkdale OR and he underwent oral pathology

Christian's Story

"My name is Christian; I'm from Parkdale, Oregon. I originally went in to see the surgeons at Beacon because I had some gum recession. I'm a tobacco user and, of course, gum recession concerns me, and I wanted to go see the best in the area. It was great; my consultation was perfect. The staff is quite friendly; it's a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Lieblick is warm; he's friendly. You know, he's very busy with the surgeries he's doing, yet when he comes into the room, you feel like there's plenty of time to ask questions or go through anything that you're concerned about prior to your surgery. For me, I felt like my questions were answered perfectly; they set me at ease. I certainly trust the surgeons there...Dr. Lieblick. I think they do a great job."

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