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Meet Avery

Video Review

They told me everything that was going to happen.

Avery is from Portland OR, and had a dental extraction

Avery's Story

"Hi, my name is Avery. Recently, in December, I just got braces, and I had a tooth that was growing crooked, and I had to get surgery on it. When I came into Dr. Rehrer’s office, all the ladies there were so nice. They told me everything that was going to happen, and that everything was going to be fine. When I got in there, they gave me a blanket and made me feel really comfortable. They gave me a little goodie bag of – they gave me a little shake so that I could easily just drink it after my procedure, and they gave me a pain medicine so the pain could go down and wouldn’t hurt that much. Everything was fine after that. I slept good, and I was great the next morning. Dr. Rehrer was really friendly and nice, and he just felt like he was going to be a really good doctor, and he was. I really liked him!"

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