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Meet Naomi

Video Review

I recovered really quickly.

Naomi is from Portland, OR, and had a tooth extraction

Naomi's Story

"Hi, my name is Naomi. I live in Oregon City, and I came to Beacon Oral Surgeons to have some teeth extracted for my braces. The day that I came in for my procedure to have my teeth extracted, I was a little nervous, and once I got in the room and they started the procedure, they walked me through things before it started, and it made me calm my nerves a little bit and I wasn’t as nervous. Then, just throughout it, it went really well. During my recovery, I recovered really quickly, and they called and checked in and made sure everything was going well. I have friends that live in Redland, Beaver Creek, Clackamas, Molalla area, and I would always recommend them to come to Beacon Oral Surgeons for any teeth procedures that they would need."

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