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Meet Lynn

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I can eat anything and everything now.

Lynn is from Maupin, OR and she got full-arch replacement

Lynn's Story

"Hi, I'm Lynn. I'm from over near Maupin, Oregon. I came to see Dr. Lieblick because my teeth had cracked and broken off, and I had two caps from long time ago that needed replaced and started bothering the hinges in my jaw. I came and he said I was a perfect example of someone who this would work well on. The rest of the staff was excellent, took very good care of me, walked me through it. Then Dr. Lieblick pulled out top and bottom, all of my teeth and the caps. I thought it would be so much worse than what it was. I can eat anything and everything now, yes. Feeling good about my smile, which I hadn't in quite a little while because my caps were 40 years old and not looking good anymore. So being comfortable knowing I can smile and all is right with the world is really, really nice."

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