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Meet Connie

Video Review

I find myself smiling so much more.

Connie had full arch restoration in Gresham OR

Connie's Story

"Hi, I’m Connie, and I’m from Woodburn. I came to Beacon Oral Surgeons to receive an upper and lower full-arch restoration. When I came in, I was a little apprehensive. The team did an awesome job of making me feel comfortable and not afraid. I had been without teeth for quite some time. Dr. Rehrer is wonderful. He was very personable. I couldn’t even imagine it being this good, and this has brought me a lot more courage and self-confidence. I find myself smiling so much more. The restoration has made me feel wonderful. I would rate my experience here as a full five stars. If anyone in the Vancouver area needs oral surgery, choose Dr. Rehrer at Beacon Oral Surgeons."

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