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Meet Candice

Video Review

The personable staff and doctor at Beacon Oral Surgery made Candice feel special, creating a memorable experience and leading her to recommend the practice.

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Candice's Story

"Hi, my name is Candice. I'm from Rhododendron, Oregon, and I came to Beacon Oral Surgery for a dental implant. The office was very comfortable when I first walked in. The staff was very nice, very welcoming. The doctor here was very personable. He was full of a lot of energy, and he's really confident, and just make you feel very comfortable. The procedure went great. My recovery was easy. Actually, the next day, I was delivered a bouquet of flowers from the office, so I was very surprised. It was—it was phenomenal, so I will definitely come back if I need some more work. For all my friends and family, and Sandy and Welch's, I highly recommend Beacon Oral Surgeons."

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