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Meet Cooper

Video Review

Dr. Rehrer helped Cooper feel at ease by explaining everything very clearly. Cooper’s dental implant looks and feels so natural, she can’t even tell that she has it!

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Cooper's Story

"Hi, I’m Cooper from Camas and I came to Dr. Rehrer for a dental implant. When I first walked in, the people at the desk were very welcoming. They knew my name and they took care of me right from the start. Dr. Rehrer, when he came in the room, sat down with me. He was very clear. He was patient. He was funny, and he explained everything I needed to know right away and very clearly. I would say I had probably the best experience you could have getting an implant. They did such a wonderful job with the implant itself—the fitting of it, the matching of the color. I can’t even tell anymore that I have it. I highly recommend Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons."

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