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Meet Cindy

Video Review

Thanks to the skilled doctors and attentive staff, Cindy had a great experience. Paired with an easy procedure, she left feeling like she had her old smile back.

Cindy DI desktop

Cindy's Story

"Hi, my name is Cindy and I've come to Beacon Oral Surgery for dental implant procedures. When I first came into Beacon, I was really impressed by the neatness of the office, the upscale design, the welcoming nature of the people at the front desk. The doctors here are welcoming, prepared. They gave me their utmost attention and I felt pretty special.

It was so great to have the procedure completed. And I felt super comfortable that I had my old smile back. And I knew that it was something that was going to last, which is very exciting. I would highly recommend Beacon Oral Surgery. I had a fantastic experience here."

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