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Meet Dr. Wiley

Video Review

Dr. Wiley refers patients here because of the surgeons’ consistency of care, skill, and communication.

Dr. Wiley refers his patients to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Wiley's Story

"I refer my patients to Beacon Oral Surgeons because I like the consistency of quality care. I really appreciate the communication between offices to keep the flow between the two simple and effective every time. The doctors here are long-term colleagues. We’re partners both with patients and with education. I’ve worked with Dr. Lieblick for many years, and he’s very smart, very dedicated, enthusiastic about his practice and patient care. Dr. Rehrer is a talented surgeon, and he’s really brought his skills to our patients, and we appreciate that very much. I look forward to working together and referring more patients to Beacon Oral Surgeons for a long time in the future. "

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