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Meet Dr. Julie Paynter

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The work that comes back is top notch.

Dr. Paynter refers her patients to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Julie Paynter's Story

"I’m Dr. Julie Paynter. I’m a general dentist in Gresham, Oregon. I see patients from the Gresham area and the surrounding areas, almost as far out as the base of Mount Hood. We refer all of our wisdom teeth extractions, all of our implants, here to Beacon, to Dr. Rehrer and Dr. Lieblick. The work that comes back is top notch. I don’t do any general surgery myself; I rely on them for the majority of my patients. When my patients come back to me, they are always so impressed with how well they were treated, how smoothly everything went, how little pain they were in. The patients that we send for wisdom teeth extractions, when I see them for post-ops or when I call to see how they are doing after their extractions, they are amazed at how little pain they had and they expected to have a lot more and are just really pleased with how fast they healed. The implants that I have placed, I always know are going to be place in an area that I can restore them in a cosmetic way so I get a great result because the implants are where I need them to be. A lot of patients want the teeth that I put on the implants to be pretty, not just functional, and I get that here."

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