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Meet Dr. Mark Keilman

Video Review

They treat my patients fantastic.

Dr. Keilman refers his patients to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Mark Keilman's Story

"I'm Dr. Mark Keilman; I live and work here in The Dalles, and I own Keilman Dental Clinic, PC. They are the rockstars of the oral surgery specialists. They treat my patients fantastic; they treat them just like I want them to be treated. The cases that I typically refer to the oral surgeons are both third molar extractions as well as a lot of implant cases. They act as if they were right there in the office with me with any of my cases. Without them, I wouldn't be the dentist I am. They have really upped my game with the classes they sponsor as well as the help they give me and answer questions. And, they're always so gracious to work with and just down-to-earth. Can't imagine working with anybody else actually, and I don't know of any other surgeons that do the kind of service and help with providers, as well as patients, that they do."

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