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Meet Dr. Aaron Tinkle

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I have supreme confidence in him, and my patients do as well.

Dr. Tinkle refers his patients to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Aaron Tinkle's Story

"Hi, my name is Dr. Aaron Tinkle, and I’m a dentist in Southeast Portland on Mt. Tabor. I’ve been working with Dr. Lieblick for five years, and he is my primary referral source for any oral surgery needs for my patients. There are several oral surgeons who are much closer to my practice than Dr. Lieblick and Dr. Rehrer, but the quality of care that my patients receive and their feedback is always so superior to anywhere else that he is where we go to. I tell patients everyday that, if I personally ever need an implant or tooth extracted, that I’ll cancel the rest of my patients for the day and Dr. Lieblick will be doing it that afternoon. I have supreme confidence in him, and my patients do as well. We always look forward to the ease of working with him and the quality we get in return. On a frequent basis, Dr. Lieblick and I work together on some pretty impressive cases. I’ll see a patient or Dr. Lieblick will see a patient who has multiple dental needs, and usually, these patients are fairly nervous; they’ve been avoiding the dentist for quite some time, and they’re worried about their care. Well, what we do is, as a team, Dr. Lieblick, myself, and the lab will work together to make their treatment have more predictable outcomes as well as ending up with a complete smile and health makeover. The reason I only do that with Dr. Lieblick is because working with his staff is seamless. My patients get the same thing from my staff as they do from Dr. Lieblick’s staff, and these complex cases, which can sometimes be very difficult and time-consuming, always turn out very well with very little issues. A lot of general dentists place their own implants. I refer over 100 patients a year to Dr. Lieblick, and he does well over 1,000 implants a year, so I figure he’ll be much better at placing that implant with more predictable outcomes than I would be, if he’s doing 1,000 versus my 100. Like I said, personally, I have no problem sending any of my family members or myself to Dr. Lieblick."

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