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Meet Dr. Iverson

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The relationship we have together makes for a seamless interaction.

Dr. Iverson refers his patients to Beacon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Iverson's Story

"I’m Dr. Iverson. I practice general dentistry in Milwaukie, OR. What’s really important to me is the quality outcomes of the treatment planning that we do together. What I really like about Beacon is how easy it is to work together with them. I can call Dr. Lieblick up any time. He works with me on coming up with a treatment plan together. One of the fears that we have as a general practicing dentist is that we work so hard to develop a relationship with our patients. And when we refer them out, we really kind of need to have somebody taking great care of them and there should be no doubt, and absolutely there’s no doubt with Dr. Lieblick. I do not place dental implants; I have Dr. Lieblick and Beacon Oral Surgery place my implants. The relationship we have together makes for a really seamless interaction where they place the implant, the patient knows exactly the next step, I know exactly the next step and it goes very quickly that way. I have great confidence when I send my patients over to Beacon for general anesthesia. They’ve had a residency, lots of training, and there is absolutely no doubt that it’s the most comfortable way for a patient to get through a procedure if there’s any kind of anxiety associated with it."

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